Picking the Right Heating System

When you're facing the tough choices in renovating, building or buying a new home one thing that always comes up is deciding what heating system to install or making the choice to replace the current system that is in place to heat your home effectively and efficiently. You will likely narrow your choices down to an electric heat pump, a boiler or a traditional furnace. 

Heat pumps work in the same system as your air conditioning in the summer but reverses to provide heat in the winter months for your home. These systems are some of the most energy-efficient out of all of the electric heating system options and will have comparable operating costs to gas furnaces. If you are considering a heat pump for your home make sure to look for high seasonal efficiency systems (HSPF) as the higher the HSPF rating the lower your costs for heating will be throughout the year. 

Gas, propane or oil furnaces are also an option when selecting a heating system for your home or business. Furnaces generally have between a 78% and 96% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), which measures how efficient the heating system can be throughout the year. Picking the right AFUE as the needed efficiency all depends on your climate and how you use your heating system when it is needed. 

The third popular option for heating systems is a boiler. New versions of boilers must have at least an 80% AFUE so you are sure to get a rather efficient system if you choose to install a boiler within your home. There are many options that you can include with your boiler to help keep your costs low, such as efficient controls that can adjust your boiler temperature based on the outdoor temperature. 

There are many solid options to choose from when you are looking for a heating system so make sure to do your own research or talk to the experts at Joe Behr Plumbing & Heating to decide what is the right one for your needs!   


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