Signs Your A/C Needs Serviced


Summer time is just about here! That means road trips, cookouts, vacations, and of course,

air conditioning. Many of us don’t run our air conditioner much throughout the year until the Summer.

This sometimes leaves us scrambling when it breaks when it seems like everyone else is getting theirs

repaired, too. However, outside of your air conditioner no longer working, how do you know if it’s time

to upgrade or service your air conditioner? At Joe Behr, we know this can be a tough question and

we’re here to help!

Poor Air Flow

One way to know that it’s time to get your air conditioner serviced is when you notice lower air flow

than normal. Air flow refers to the amount of cool air that is making its way through your duct work and

into your home. Sometimes your air may seem like it’s barely seeping out of your vents. It could be the

result of blocked ducts. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned recently, they are probably backed up by

debris, dust, dirt, pet dander, and allergens. A cleaning will get more fresh, cool air into your home.

Bad Smells or Leaking Water

These two issues can go hand in hand on some occasions. If you notice there is water leaking from your

a/c vents, this could be due to blocked drainage lines. This will make your air conditioner more prone to

breaking down and if your ducts hold water, susceptible to mold. This is why your a/c may be spewing

a foul odor. Mold can become collected in the ducts.

Your A/C Runs on Freon

Many older air conditioners use Freon to operate. However, Freon is no longer used to help air

conditioners run. This means, if your a/c runs with Freon, it’s time to upgrade! This will not only be

easier to service and be more reliable and efficient, but you’ll be helping the environment, too!

If your air conditioner is running poorly, broken down, or simply making strange noises. Make sure to

reach out to a professional to save time and effort! The experts at Joe Behr are on standby to lend a

helping hand!


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